7A Cheap Virgin Human Hair Bundles Silky Straight with 4x4 13x4 360 2x6 5x5 13x6 Lace Frontal Closure

All you need to know about lace frontal

What is a lace frontal?
A lace frontal is a frontal piece that can vary in lengths and widths, such as 13 by 2 inch, 13 by 4inch, or 13 by 6inch, 13inch means the size from ear to ear, and then you can either have two inches of parting space, or 4inches, or 6inches. Basically you can apply with an install where you can do parting and it gives you a more natural look. It is kind of like a lace closure three times.

Difference between lace closure and lace frontal
Difference between lace closure and lace frontal is that a lace closure is smaller than a lace frontal. A lace closure is 4 by 4inch with minimal parting space, sometimes 3.5 by 4inch, this is the mainly point.

Will a lace frontal damage my hair?
The answer is no. A lace frontal is a protective style, you can do heat styling on it and have the same natural look as if you have leave out.

Ways to install a lace frontal
You can install it with glue or they are sewed in. It depends on your request and also the professional stylist technique.

How to achieve most natural looking with lace frontal
The best suggestion is to bleach the knots, you bleach those black knots on the frontal that way it won’t show and look like it is growing from your scalp. But it requires professional skill on bleaching.

A lot of versatility with lace frontal
With lace frontal, you can put your hair back into a ponytail or you want to change your part without having to shift your wig to the side. It is so versatile. You can switch up your style easily.

Where to purchase best lace frontal
When you are going to invest your money, you could do some research. Irhair is a trusted hair online mall where you could buy high quality lace frontal with affordable price.