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Are remy hair and virgin hair the same?

When talking about hair extension,there are so many confusing terms,such as virgin hair VS remy hair.There we will make these two terms clear and help to decide which one is your prefer when purchasing.

For remy hair, it can belong to virgin hair or non-virgin hair,but for virgin hair,it must be remy hair.

Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed human hair,it is collected from one single donor. As its meaing "virgin",it is kept in its original healthy condition and all cuticles keep in same direction.It has never been touched by processing in any way(dye,bleach,curl,perm,or any other).BTW washing is not chemically processed way,in contrast,washing is an important indicator to test the hair whether it is virgin hair or not.If washing and there is a color getting out,it is not virgin.

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Remy hair refers to those which its all cuticle are intact and in one direction,thus preventing tangling and matting.From its collecting process, remy hair should be ensured that the roots are in one side and the tail in the other side. While non-remy hair cuticle are not aligned to one direction.Besides,non-remy hair is put in acid bath to eliminate those cuticles which make hair fragile and damage.At first sight,non-remy hair looks shiny,soft and beautiful,but after washing,it will more easily become frizzy and tangle.

So shopping for hair extension,you could choose better one with these knowledge.Irhair company is a trusted hair online company,all our hair is quality assured and 100% human virgin hair.