7A Cheap Virgin Human Hair Bundles Silky Straight with 4x4 13x4 360 2x6 5x5 13x6 Lace Frontal Closure

How many bundles of hair do I need ?

For this topic how many bundles do I need for a head, I will tell you that it depends on what style you are doing and hair lengths, hopefully you get your answer from this article.

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When you are choosing your bundles, aside from style, the lengths are the most important thing. I will tell you the difference between our shortest lengths to our longest that we carry. From 8inch to 30inch,you could check that 30inch weft is smaller than 8inch.This is the most important thing when choosing bundles the longer the hair the shorter the wefts that means both these bundles are the same amount of the hair so they weigh the same 100g per bundles, but obviously if the hair is shorter you are getting more hair so the wefts are going to be longer, and if you have longer hair, you will have less wefts. When you need a shorter style, you only need about two bundles. And our suggestion is from 8inch to 14inch,you only need two bundles, if 16inch to 22inch,you need three bundles, above 22inch,you need four bundles for natural full look. If you want thickness, you need to get more hair.

Irhair provides various hair length from 8inch to 30inch and also give you solution regarding your hair style choice. All are depending on your head size and your desiration. If you desire to full and thick look, you could buy more hair bundles.