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How to care for Brazilian virgin hair ?

For every women, they are all eager for long and thick hair. When they buy virgin hair weave online or hair shop, it is vital to keep some proper hair care. If let them go to salon every week one or more time, it is expensive and time consuming. Among various virgin hair, Brazilian virgin hair is top in quality and popularity. They do not go through any chemical processing. This hair is lustrous, silky and soft in textures. Now there are two big steps.

First after receiving your order, you could check whether the package is same as your online order or not. Before installment, you should wash it, this step is important. Put a moderated amount of shampoo on the hair and wash it. Rinse it mannerly and let it to air dry. Pls remember not to use electric hair drier.

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Second after installment by hair stylist, you may have a beautiful wig. And if you care it well, the hair will last longer.

You also need to clean the scalp and the hair extension one or two times every week. Powder shampoos can be great choices to take care of the scalp as well as hair. Gently use a mild shampoo with warm water from scalp down to the end to avoid tangles.

In order to maintenance of natural hair, you need to use a light conditioner after washing. Besides it require a deep conditioning treatment as well which could protect hair cuticles and avoid tangling and matting. It is necessary to deep condition your hair at least once per month.Every time when drying the hair, apply a moisturizer and use a wide tooth comb. And also if you want to swim under the sea, pls take off your wig or protect it from salt water. The salt water could damage the hair and make it tangle and shedding.

So take care of your Brazilian hair as good as you can. It will bring you back to life every day.