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Human hair VS Synthetic hair

There are many kinds of hair. today we will discuss about human hair compared to synthetic hair.

Human hair VS Synthetic hair
  1. Obviously, you cannot use your flat iron or rods on synthetic hair. Human hair that most people use, the difference between that and the synthetic is that you can use a straightening comb, you could use a flat iron, you could use curlers.it is more versatile. You could wash your hair, condition your hair, you can do anything you want, but you cannot do the same thing with a synthetic hair because that hair is just how it comes out of the package.
  2. Human hair looks more natural and look like your own hair from your scalp, human hair could breathe, so your scalp wont perspire as much under one, whereas synthetic always keep its same present style and comes with unnatural shine.
  3. For lifespan, 100% human hair could last more than one year, while synthetic hair only last about three months.

Therefore, if you have enough budget, we recommend to try human hair firstly and also find a reliable hair supplier. At irhair.com, you will find all hair are in great quality. Let us try your new styles and wear it every day.