7A Cheap Virgin Human Hair Bundles Silky Straight with 4x4 13x4 360 2x6 5x5 13x6 Lace Frontal Closure

Lace frontal VS lace closure

Lace frontal and lace closure are popular topics. Someone will choose hair bundles with closure while others prefer to hair bundles with frontal. Hope you could find which is best for you from this article.

Lace closure is just a little piece and hair comes out of it. You will have knots which is already bleached. Lace closure is smaller area. For lace frontal the space is bigger than closure, and knots are also bleached well.

Lace frontal VS lace closure

For closure, you could have free part, middle part and three part. They have many size, but usually standard one is 4*4 inch. The longer of the closure part, the more realistic it will look. While frontal gives you more versatility as far as parting and styles.it will give you more natural looking.

What makes lace closure and frontal is the size and the price. For other they are pretty much the same exact thing.